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Guidelines for the Retail Sector on Price Promotions

Comparative Advertising by reference to other retailers

Comparisons with other offers or with the products sold by other retailers should not mislead by giving false or misleading information, by omitting material information or by deceptive presentation.

Traders should:

  • Ensure that the use of the other trader's price is accurate and up-to-date. If the comparison becomes inaccurate after it is quoted, it should be removed or amended.
  • All reasonable steps should be taken to ensure that the consumer is not misled. Comparisons should:
    • State the comparative prices and the name of the other trader clearly and prominently;
    • Identify the circumstance where the other trader's price applies and the date it applied;
    • Ensure that any reference to another trader's price applies to the same product, or to a substantially similar product, and clearly highlight any differences;
    • Compare prices for goods supplied in the same quantity or, if that is not possible, clearly identify the differences.

Comparisons should generally be made with prices of retailers in the same locality unless it can be shown that it does not make a difference because of a national pricing policy.

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