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Child safety and window-blind cords

The National Consumer Agency has worked together with the National Standards Authority of Ireland to publish a leaflet for retailers and consumers on the dangers of window-blind cords, and safety steps to take with cord loops on roller blinds, venetian blinds or vertical blinds.

Download the safety leaflet in PDF format (PDF, 138KB) or in Word format (MS Word, 243KB)

European safety standards

A new European standard has been in place since February 2009, which has been adopted as "Irish Standard I.S. EN13120 - Internal blinds - Performance requirements including safety".

As well as specifying the requirements for the fitting of internal blinds, it deals with the construction, transport, installation operation and maintenance of window blinds.

This standard, which amends the standard that has been in place since 2004, specifies stricter requirements on looped widow-blind cords.

The NCA has also issued a warning about the dangers to young children of window-blind cords.

Read the full warning on our consumer website

A National Committee on Internal Window Blind Safety has been established - read the news release (4 October 2010)