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Teachers' resources: Lesson 7

Image of teacher with students and computersIn this lesson the students test the knowledge of what they have learnt, using the Shop Smart game

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About 'Shop Smart'

"Shop Smart" provides a fun, interactive way to learn about some of the key issues in the previous lessons and how to get better value as a consumer.

The interactive game is set in a virtual shopping centre where players can test their consumer knowledge within everyday shopping scenarios, from buying the latest video game to shopping for the family groceries in the supermarket.

The high-speed game is played against the clock, and is similar in style and format to many popular online games played by teenagers. It is web-based and students can play it either as a group in a classroom setting or individually in a home environment.

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Technical details

You will need a broadband connection and Adobe Flash Player Version 8 or higher installed in your computer for the game to function properly. Download the free Adobe Flash Player


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