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NCA   research finds that 85% of consumers who switched product or service provider saved money

  • 95% of those who switched car insurance saved money, the average saving being €102
  • 91% of those who switched home insurance saved money, the average saving was €84
  • Highest level of repeat switching evident in car insurance and mobile phone sector

21 February 2012

The National Consumer Agency (NCA) today published results of research, conducted by Amárach Research, which reveals that, across a range of key expenditure categories, 85% of consumers who had switched product or service provider in the previous 12 months said that they had saved money.

The results showed that over 9 in 10 who switched car insurance (95%) and home insurance (91%) had actually saved money as a result. The average amount saved was €102 and €84 respectively. 

The research also found that, of all the categories included in the research, consumers are most likely to have switched car insurance (13%), mobile phone provider (12%) and main grocery shop (10%) in the past year.

Commenting on the findings, Ann Fitzgerald, Chief Executive of the NCA, remarked: "The research indicates that real savings can be made by switching and we would advise consumers to continually review all their household bills, to compare the alternative options available and switch providers if a better deal is on offer.

"The incentive for doing so is particularly strong in relation to car and home insurance with over nine in ten respondents making significant savings by switching in these areas."

The research also looked at repeat switching for the same product or service over the past five years. The highest level of repeat switching evident was found in the car insurance sector (21%) and mobile phone market (20%).

A total of 84% of those switching found the process easy, with 50% stating that they are receiving a better service with their new provider; just 2% stated that the service they are receiving is worse.

The main reason given for not switching product or service provider is due to "satisfaction with the quality/level of service with the current provider", followed by "current supplier offers the best value for money". 

Ms Fitzgerald concluded: "Markets are constantly changing and providers are introducing new offers all the time so even if you have switched provider in the past, keep an eye out for better deals and avail of them, if you can. The findings indicate that for those surveyed, switching was an easy experience where they received a better or similar service and saved money.

"If you are not sure if you will benefit from switching or might not know where to start, our website,  has lots of information on reviewing your insurance and household bills and how to switch if you  find a better deal."

Download the report on switching (MS Word, 1.3MB)
Download a presentation of the main findings of the report on switching (PowerPoint, 1.2MB)


The National Consumer Agency's latest iteration of market research, conducted by Amárach Research in November 2011, was conducted by means of face-to-face interviewing with 1,000 people between the ages of 15-74.

The research asked consumers whether they actually saved money when they changed supplier for 18 categories of products and services including insurance, energy, home and mobile telephone, TV broadband, waste and banking providers.

The National Consumer Agency's website contains a host of resources designed to assist consumers in analysing and adjusting their expenditure to suit their needs. Switching can form an important part of any review of personal expenditure and tools such as the Economiser, cost comparisons and various budget calculators available on the NCA's website can help consumers assess those areas they wish to focus on for savings and economies.