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NCA welcomes new pro-consumer legislative proposals

18 October 2011

The National Consumer Agency has today welcomed the announcement by the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation to reform particular aspects of legislation relating to consumer rights.

The proposed reforms include a wide range of measures including a ban on excessive payment fees - which would prevent businesses from charging payment fees greater than the cost of processing the payment. There are also plans to ban additional charges on consumers through "pre-ticked boxes".

There would also be improvements in the rules governing internet purchases, including an increase from seven to 14 days in the time period in which consumers can withdraw from a distance or off-premises contract.

Commenting on the proposals, John Shine, the NCA's Director of Commercial Practices, said: "We are very supportive of the Minister's proposals to reform the existing laws to help consumers make more informed purchasing decisions and improve the protections for them if things go wrong.

"The proposals will mean greater transparency for consumers when making purchasing decisions, particularly for those shopping online."