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Public Consultation on Guidelines on Advertising of Price Discounts and Related Matters

Deadline 6 October 2008 for Submissions

The Consumer Protection Act 2007 prohibits businesses from engaging in misleading commercial practices, which may cause the average consumer to make a transactional decision which he/she may not otherwise make. To assist the retail sector in complying with the Act, the National Consumer Agency proposes issuing guidelines on the advertising of price discounts and other related matters.

The draft guidelines are intended to clarify certain matters referred to in the Act such as what can be interpreted as a “reasonable period” in the context of items being on sale at a previous higher price. 

The National Consumer Agency is inviting businesses operating in the retail sector to provide views on the draft guidelines.

The draft guidelines are available on the NCA website at   Comments on the draft should be submitted by close of business on 6 October 2008 by email only to

The National Consumer Agency is a statutory body established by the Irish Government in May 2007.   The Agency aims to defend consumer interests and to embed a robust consumer culture in Ireland.

Section 90 of the Consumer Protection Act 2007 provides for the National Consumer Agency to publish guidelines for traders on items such as:

  • Matters of consumer welfare or protection and
  • Practical guidance to traders in relation to commercial practices

Please note that all observations and submissions are subject to the Freedom of Information Act 1997-2006.

For further information please contact the National Consumer Agency at 01 402 5544

Read the draft guidelines (HTML version)

Download the draft guidelines (MS Word version, 227KB)